Black is white. Up is down. This is a food blog about chicken wings at Chinese ‘hood joints in Brooklyn, with occasional forays into other areas.

Wangs is a fried chicken spot, serving whole wings cooked with asian herbs and spices. The food is both in the exact wheelhouse of this blog, and served in the diametric opposite context of the places we cover — yuppie Park Slope with yuppie prices and yuppie ingredients. But we’re not here to judge anything but the food.

The menu is restaurant-quality. The wings are organic. And they’re delicious.

From their website: “combining Southern soul food and east Asian flavor profiles to create a truly unique food experience.” Yup.

I got the wings with hot sauce, collard greens, and cole slaw. Perfection. And compared to any other place on here the service grade would be 10. But as it stands, we only have 5 stars to give.