Sacrilege, maybe, but when I walk into a Popeye’s I don’t order chicken, I order chicken strips. With barbecue sauce. It’s the only way to fly. They’re usually good enough for you to ignore all the trifling shit that’s happening in the Popeye’s while you’re eating there. Like the dude who’s just there for the free internet and camped out with his laptop for probably the whole day and only ordered a soda and a biscuit. Anyway, the strips are alright.


Golden Chopsticks


You can probably tell from the picture… These shits were trash. Tasted like rubber. Tiny wings, no flavor.

Nice people in the spot though. Looks like a husband and wife team running the kitchen. The fries are decent.


Chuang Hing


Chuang Hing serves the best chicken wings I’ve found at any chinese spot in Brooklyn. And I’ve been to a lot. They narrowly edge out Wai Ling / Fresco Tortillas II on Flatbush which will get a special post later on. But back to the business at hand. Chuang Hing is the best. The bar. That’s why they’re the first review.

Let’s start with the skin: crispy golden brown with just the right amount of flake-off. Always feels crackly in your mouth but the chicken is still juicy.

The chicken itself is tasty too. They’re not those overgrown steroid wings you sometimes get, or those fledgling joints that you get when they give you a couple extra ’cause they know they’re tiny. These wings are the right size. ‘Nuff said.

The secret weapon of a lot of these Chinese joints is their fries. Sure, they come out of a freezer bag. But they taste damn good. Chuang Hing did not overlook the fries either. They’re juicy on the inside, crisp and salty on the outside.

I like when your takeout container steams up a little bit on the walk home and the fries get a little softer than if you’d ate them right there in the spot. The test is whether the wings stay crisp, and the fries hold their shape after that walk. These guys passed with flying colors.

Let’s get to the math:


note, when I say service was 5/5 I’m not talking some white table cloth shit. I’m talking, were the people friendly when taking my order? And did they make a reasonable effort to be cordial when making change? Boom. Top notch.